What is Boutique?

Aggie Moms Boutique is an annual two-day shopping extravaganza held on campus during Parents Weekend.  Aggie Moms clubs sell or raffle items to raise funds for student scholarships.

Abilene Aggie Moms Club raffles an “Apartment Starter Kit.”  Past items in the starter kit have included eight place settings of maroon Fiesta-ware dishes, blenders, pots and pans, lamps, bath rugs, etc.  Members donate money that is used to purchase the items for the kit or they purchase items themselves from a Target Gift List.

This raffle is our club’s main fundraiser to provide scholarships for our own Aggies, so we need your help.

Let us make this easy for you!

Donate money and we’ll do the rest by puchasing items for the starter kit.  Or…

Purchase items from the Target Gift List.  Search “TargetLists” (online or in-store) under name Aggie Mom’s Club Abilene.   A Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification form is in this packet for use when you shop.  You earn one chance for the Book Scholarship drawing when you contribute to the Apartment Starter Kit.  You may bring in-store purchases to the February or March meetings.


Sell raffle tickets.  The tickets are $1.00 for one (1) chance or $5.00 for six (6) chances.  Simply have the buyer fill out the raffle ticket(s) and give them one drawing information slip in return.  We ask every member to sell a minimum of $35 of raffle tickets.  You earn one chance for the Book Scholarship for every $35 of tickets you sell.

Buy raffle tickets.  Want a chance to win the Apartment Starter Kit for your very own Aggie?  The quick and easy way is to print address labels (with your own name and address), attach them to the raffle tickets and pay for them.  Club members are eligible to win and it has happened several times.

Return the money and completed raffle tickets no later than Tuesday, March 18, 2014.  Please return any unsold tickets; we will sell them during Boutique.

Sign up to work a two-hour shift(s) manning our “Apartment Starter Kit” display and selling raffle tickets at Boutique during Parents Weekend in College Station.  Earn another Book Scholarship chance.  Sign up sheets for Friday and Saturday will be available at the February and March meeting.  You may also text your availability to Samantha Baker or Sally Priddy.